Tiruchuli is located on the southern bank of the Gundar. The Bhuminathaswamy temple at Tiruchuli is one among the 14 famous Shaiva centres in Pandya nadu. Its located 40 Kms. East from Virhdunagar, 45 Kms South from Madurai. Name of God is Bhuminathar, Godess is Thunaimalai Amman. Its deity has been venerated in the hymns sung by Shaivite Nayanar Sundaramoorthy and Sekkilar. The temple has undergone extensive renovations and the present complex accommodates a number of shrines built over time within the high boundary walls constructed during the reign of Muthuramalinga Setupati..


Sri Ramana Maharishi was born in 30.12.1879 at Thiruchuli. His mother was Tmt Azhagammal and father was Thiru. Sundaram Iyer. He lived in the house of ‘Sundara Mandhiram”.

He studied in Sethupathi Primary School.

An ashram was established in 1988 on the banks of the river Gundar to propagate his teachings.


The Kamaraj memorial house where the great leader Kamaraj and former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu was born in this district. Hence, the government announced his residence as memorial for salutation to great leader.  The rooms are adorned with photographs of the leader at every stages of his life. A few of his clothes, his watch as well as articles used by him are displayed. in the memorial


Sanjeevi Hills is situated in Rajapalayam on the way to Chatrapatti. The calm and serene ambience makes it a favorite spot for tourists. Tradition recounts that in order to save the unconscious Lakshmana, Hanuman, the monkey god carried the entire Sanjeevi Hill with the herbal plants to Sri Lanka and threw it away afterwards. It is said that the thrown down hill is the Sanjeevi Hills.


Pallimadam is situated on the outskirt of Tiruchuli on the eastern bank of the river Gundar. Sundara Pandya , a 10th century AD Pandya ruler, famous for his erudition, died while visiting Pallimadam. He was buried there and his younger brother Vira Pandya (AD 946-966) erected a sculptural shrine (pallipadai) liver his grave. The temple was known as Pallippadai Sundara Palldya Isvaramudayar koil. It is now called Kalainathaswamy koil. The name Pallippadai has over the years been corrupted to Pallimadam. This sepulchral temple is the only one of its kind in Pandya Nadu.


Guhanparai is located on the road to Kalugumalai fromVembakkottai. A small hillock to the west of the village is called Guhanparai and the village lakes on the same nomenclature. There is a small natural casern at the loot of the hillock, which is believed to have been used as a shelter by Jain monks. A 10th century AD Vatteluttu inscription on a rock of the hillock states that a monastery Munnurruvarperumpalli was established in the name of Munnurruvar kovilpillaigal (servants of the palace).