Ramana Maharshi was born in 1879 in a small village named Tiruchuli at Virudhunagar district 46 kms. south from Madurai, 35 Kms. from Virudhunagar.

     Ramana Maharshi is unique kind of saint who is appropriate for the 20th centuary. Unlike the traditional hindu saints Ramana is oriented in  "Who Am I"  teaching. He showed the way as self-enquiry for self realisation.

"Correcting oneself is correcting the whole world. The Sun is simply bright.  It does not correct anyone.  Because it shines,  the whole world is full of light.  Transforming yourself is a means of giving light to the whole world."

At  Thiruvannamalai - 1898
Sri. Sundara Mandiram birth place  of  RAMANA  MAHARISHI
            Sri. Sundaram Iyer of Tiruchuzhi a very successful lawyer in the local court,  married Smt. Azhagammal. Azahgammal learnt from the elder ladies at Tiruchuli hundreds of devotional songs and Upadesa of sacred mantra "Aham Brahmasmi". Her first child Nagaswami was born in 1877.

           On 30-12-1879, on the Ardra Darsana Day, Sacred for Siva as Nataraja, her second son VENKATARAMAN was born. During her pregnancy of Vekataraman, she had tremendous burning sensation all over the body, Which did not respond to medical treatment. Juice extracted from VILWA leaves, considered sacred for worship of Siva, alone could relieve her.

           Her third son Nagasundaram and a daughter Alamelu were also born to her.

           RAMANA MAHARISHI  is as like everybody in childhood days,  in 1892,  his father,  Sundaram Iyer passed away,  he thought differently as who is dying and what happened to his father's body and soul.  He got realised that the body is not a true one and the soul residing inside the body is the true one.  RAMAMA went to his paternal uncle  Subba Iyer's house at Madurai.

           In August 1896,  RAMANA left  Madurai for his father's home,  Arunachala.

           GURUMURTHAM a small temple near Tiruvannmalai where Bhagavan stayed at early days of Tiruvannamali Pavalakundru where Bhagavan stayed when his mother meet him first time.

Birth of the Birthless Room Where RAMANA MAHARISHI was born.

           Ramana Maharishi's main teaching is that one is self-enquiry and the other is surrender to god. He himself a great devotee of Lord shiva in the form of Mountain Arunachala.

          He wrote "Arunachala Aksharamana Malai" which has 108 two line songs which is devoted to Lord Arunachala.

         He is very much confident that the 'Bhakti' (love towards god) is very important and easy way to attain self-realisation in.


For his mother's cue & cry to return to home, he remained silent, on behalf of her one of them, asked Bhagavan atleast write 'Yes' or 'No',  in the paper.  There upon, he wrote thus : The Creator remaining everywhere makes each one play his role in life according to their karma. That which is not destined will not happen despite every effort. What is destined is bound to happen. This is certain. Therefore, the best course is to remain silent. 

This was the first written message given by Sri. RAMANA MAHARISHI to anyone.



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