Sri. P.S. Kumaraswami Raja  ( Poosapati Sanjeevi Kumarswamy Raja )

Former Chief Minister of Madras Presidency & Former Governor of Orissa

        Sri. P.S Kumaraswami Raja was born in 1898 at Rajapalayam. He belonged to the community of Rajas ( kshatriya Rajus) , Whose ancestors migrated from the northern circas in Andrapradesh more than four centuries ago.
         His father is Sri. Poosapati Sanjeevi Raja.  His mother expired when he was eight days old.  He lost his father when he was three years old.   Raja had no brother and sister.  Brought up by his grand mother. 
         Studied FORM-III,  in an Anglo-Vernacular School.  In 1912 he married at his age of 14. Joined in high school at Srivilliputur in 1913.   Newspapers and journals engaged him more than his class text books.   He stopped his studies on 1919.
       After Schooling Raja was connected with the congress organisation at its every level. He was taking a prominent part in Panchayat organisations, Local board administration He was president of Rajapalayam union, Panchayat court, District  board of Ramnathapuram, District eductional council etc.
       1932 He was arrested for disobeying the unjust laws. Thus Rajapalayam gained a distinct place in political map, the credit went to Raja's lead. In 1934, Raja won central legislature for constituency comprising Thirunelveli,  Madurai & Ramanathapuram.  In 1936 he was M.L.A., in Sri. Rajaji ministry.

        In 1938 Raja was the chairman of reception committee for Fortieth Tamil Nadu political conference,  it disclosed the magnificent organising capacity & outstanding leadership qualities.

    In all the years of his life, most of Raja's wealth has been spend in his help to poor and in service to the public cause,  particularly for the Congress movement.

    Raja's huge residential building and some landed property, what remained with him were finally donated to GANDHI KALAI MANDRAM by him.

    Sri P.A.C. Ramasamy Raja, founder of Ramco Group of Industries was his close associate since his childhood.  Sri T.T. Krishnamachari was a close friend of Raja.




Commemoration Stamp issued on 07-08-1999

    Raja was tall, well built and of a fair complexion. He knew the straight way and spoke in a blunt manner.  Beneath all this, he had a very soft and genial heart.  His nobility was admirable.  He walked as a giant among men.  Whether he marched to the jail or moved in the secretariate as Chief Minister of Madras.

Raja's longstanding desire of promoting culture and fine arts, was in embryo
Inaugurated on 16-11- 1955 by
President Dr. Rajendra Prasad

For housing a huge public library and also an organisation for promoting culture, fine arts, including music, dance and drama  etc.